Wedding anniversaries are very special occasions and you will find that each anniversary is associated with a particular type of gift, wood, diamond, silver etc.The wedding anniversary that is associated with wood is the 5th wedding anniversary. Prestige pens can be a great place to find a special gift for your other half. Your husband might enjoy one of our Executive Range of Pens or your wife might prefer a decorative unique wooden bowl that can last and look good for years.You may wonder why wood is associated with the 5th wedding anniversary and it is because wood is seen to be a symbol of..
When your handmade bowl arrives it will look beautiful but the wood needs to be looked after and may begin to appear dull or can start to feel dry to the touch. If this happens then you will need to season the wood you can do this by applying a coat of good quality beeswax that will nourish the wood and keep it looking good for many years. Gently coat the bowl with thebeeswax and let it permeate through the surface to feed the wood before buffing off the beeswax from the surface with a soft cloth.Wooden Bowls Will Keep Their Beauty for Years.The best way to keep your bowls clean are to wash th..
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